Say hello to your Thrill-seeking, Kentucky based, Starbucks drinkin', New Girl re-watchin', photographer, friend, and hype-girl!!

If I could call myself a professional weirdo, I would. But that's kinda weird and well.. not very professional. 

SOOOO, we can just go with a KY based, 20-something year old, traveling wedding + elopement photographer. 

- ENFP, enneagram 7w8, Libra.
- Window seat > aisle seat.
- I love corndogs. 
- Dirty Chacos over heels ANY day.
- I am known to make people feel like they are the funniest person in the room because I laugh at EVERYTHING.


AYEEEE, I'm KAte!!

My SparkNotes: 

The JC Penny studio portraits with the fake fence backdrop, the awkward senior portraits with a caked face of makeup on someone who hardly wore blush until college. Not hating here, but when I tell you I've been there, I've BEEN there. LOL. And it is so valid for photography to be something that makes you nervous, or even dread. 

This is gonna be WAY different, and if you don't leave your session saying, "Okay that was actually fun," then I owe y'all a six pack of beers. Seriously-- hold me to that. 

Your imperfection, awkwardness, and weirdness are SO freaking welcome here and I know damn well that your partner loves you just the same with or without em. So let's own it, celebrate it, and let your freak flag fly!!! 

This is a message from a silly soul named Kate, who has Had her fair share of insecurities and awko-taco experiences in front of the camera 

why i do what I do

The sparknotes? We start planning out your day months before your wedding, family photos take 30 minutes or less, your photographer isn't loud AF during your ceremony, and they become pals with your pals, while stepping back and document the day, authentically as it unfolds.

Hop on over the 'Experience' page to see the play by play!


Based on a questionnaire, I become your voluntary third wheel to create something fun that actually feels like you two. Whether you wanna hike a mountain, go to an arcade bar, or make some pizza rolls together-- we are gonna make you look BOMB while doing it! 

Don't worry about clothing, yet! I will send you a 12 page guide to help you choose some fire outfits!!!


 So How's this gonna go down??

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Haley + Drew 

"Kate is a photographer that brings out the best in people. My boyfriend absolutely hates having his picture taken, and she made him feel super comfortable and our personalities shined through our photos! She is adventurous and will have you moving the entire time throughout your shoot, and the shots will turn out amazing!"

Rachel + Timothy

"Kate did an amazing job with our wedding photos! She fit right in with everyone, was very easy to work with, and got us our full album super fast as well as some preview shots the day of. Would highly recommend her and will definitely use her again!"


"Everyone should stop what they are doing right now and book a mentorship with Kate! If you need help with social media, websites, client relations (I’m sure there is so much more) you will not regret it! You will come away with some useful tools and someone who will hype you up!"

Don't believe me? hear it from them!