I'm a thrill-seeking, chai drinking, New Girl rewatching, hot mess express based in Salt Lake City, Utah with bags packed to go wherever you are! 

If I could call myself a professional weirdo, I would. But that's kinda weird and well.. not very professional. So let's just go with a 20-something year old, intimate wedding and elopement photographer. 

your new bestie/photographer/hype-girl 

oh heyyy, I'm kate!

We don’t do all that over here. This is not about my Instagram feed or what I think you all should look like. We aren't playing "statues" in a park for an hour and we definitely are not "staging" all the key moments of your wedding. Your only rule is to be present, in the moment and I will take care of the rest. 

Being on-camera is a vulnerable act that I do not take lightly. Your loudest laughs, favorite songs, imperfection and genuine intimacy are all soooo freakin’ welcome here. I’m here to document the real stuff. 

I’ve been there - The JC Penny studio portraits with the fake fence backdrop, family photos where everyone is hangry, the awkward senior portraits with a caked face of makeup on someone who is still trying to figure out how to correctly apply eyeshadow.

No shade at JCPenny here, but when I tell you I've been there, I've BEEN there and It is so valid for photography to be something that makes you nervous, or even dread.

can I be real for a minute?? 

what I do

I effortlessly capture your love story for you to cherish for years to come

A Corn Dog 

my guilty pleasure is:

country music (sorry)

I hate:

an epic sunrise

You can wake me up at any time for:

helicopter skiing

my #1 on my bucket list:

here's the tea!