Your search for     a wedding photographer +  new bff is over!!

I'm pumped you found your way here!!! I know you are a busy bee, and chances are you just took on a part-time job of planning a wedding and that shiz is NO walk in the park and you need every extra bit of time that you can gather so Imma cut to the chase... 

I'm Kate and I'm an intimate wedding and elopement photographer/hot mess Express currently based in Central Kentucky with bags packed to go wherever you are!!!

You're in the right place

+ You think you two are weirder than me. We can settle that later, but I doubt it ;)
+ You are planning a wedding that feels authentic to you 
+ You love a good adventure 
+ You love a good Netflix binge just as much  
+ You want wedding photos that make you remember moments that actually happened.. not moments that your photographer made you feel awkward
+ Margaritas...enough said. 

If you stand for any or all of these things too...we gotta chat ASAP!!!

You're DEFINITELY in the right place if... 

Pretty lame travel plans because ya know...covid 

2021/22 Travel Schedule:

Current location: Lexington, Kentucky

Sara + jake

"Kate is AMAZING! If you want a fun and personable photographer that you don’t want to feel awkward around, she is the gal."