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Because nobody made it a rule that you couldn't go bowling before your wedding reception, serve breakfast for dinner, or get married on a Tuesday. 

Doing the damn thing, the way you want to, dammit.

Electric, Colorful, and Joyous Wedding Photography Based in Kentucky. Rooted in Human Connection, Laughter + Adventure

I want you to feel the freakin' photo!!!!

Spark Notes: A hot mess. Extrovert. Kinda Introverted. Adventurous. Kinda Awkward. Loves Cooking. Kinda bad at it. 

What it do party people!!! My professional title? Kentucky-based wedding + elopement photographer. That's kinda boring tbh so I prefer Kentucky based, Starbucks drinking, playlist making, cackle laughing, off-key singing, pal.
Or Kate, Kate works too. 

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There is a real human behind da camera!!!


Lets Adventure >>>

I stand behind the idea that adventure can be found in the smallest of moments. 
Adventure is a blanket fort in the living room and diving 4 hours deep into the Youtube black hole, it’s a construction reroute down a backroad that takes you to a quaint lil diner, it’s stopping for a minute to hear the live musician on the street finish a cover of one of your favorite songs.

Adventure can be loud + exciting, or it can be soft + peaceful. I’m a believer that any adventure, big or small, is priceless and worth bei
ng documented.

Adventure is found not only in far places.